I began designing and making jewellery almost 20 years ago when I resigned from a very different and very stressful career. Yes, there are moments when the challenge may be frustrating or my impatience gets the better of me but the therapeutic process of creating something beautiful is highly rewarding and satisfying.

Being self-taught I am always developing my craft, learning new skills and techniques and loving each and every minute of it. I like nothing better than starting the day with a tidy, organised workbench and immersing myself in a project. By the end of the day my workshop is usually anything but tidy or organised but it is wonderful to see a finished piece knowing that it was made with love and care. If I have produced something that makes you happy then I am happy and have achieved my goal.

Susan Ellis 

85% of all Sellis of Cambridge Jewellery is made with recycled Sterling Silver and/0r 9 carat/18 carat gold. As a sole-trader, each piece of Sellis of Cambridge jewellery is hand-made in my Cambridgeshire workshop. From conception to completion I am the only person involved in making your jewellery. All components are Sterling Silver and some 'mixed metal', that is, Sterling Silver with a 9 carat or 18 carat gold detail. If you would like more information on identifying the different types of metal used in jewellery making, read my blog 'Is it real?'